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Greece Little League, Inc.

Benefits to volunteering for Greece Little League:

  • work with youth
  • flexible schedule  
  • help a local non-for-profit organization
  • work outdoors
  • learn a variety of skills

We are glad to assist those needing community service hours.
You can contact us at 392-0072 during the season or 663-7024 during the off season.

Umpires Needed
Paid or volunteer option-- For our league games - umpire training clinic(s) offered
GLL umpire application 

Volunteer Positions
2021 vol form

Board of Directors:  
The management of the Greece Little League's Complex (which is PRIVATE PROPERTY) and affairs of the local league to Enforce Little League rules and regulations. 
All are volunteers – President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioners, etc. elected annually by members in good standing.

Head coach
:  Liaison between the Board of Directors and the team. Must attend clinics for training. He/she is responsible for the team, team equipment, line-up, conduct of the team & team parents. Annual approval needed.

:  Assist the manager whenever possible.   Annual approval needed.

Concession Stand Supervisor
: Monroe Cty certified. Instruct below concession stand workers.  

Concession Stand
: EVERY TEAMS Responsibility to do their part by filling the REQUIRED time for their team with the necessary personnel to:

  1. No children are allowed in the concession stand. Youth in the concession stand must have work papers or be over the age of 14.

ALL proceeds go directly back into GLL to keep costs down.

  • Security cart driver (MUST have driver’s license to operate). Does security of the complex and assists elderly/disabled transportation to fields.
  • Concession cart driver (MUST have driver’s license to operate). Assist with security control; hawk concession items to all fields; assist with waste removal at end of evening; assist in checking/emptying trash receptacles when required.
  • Cash register operator (preferably an adult)
  • Grill cook (must be adult)
  • Adult to operate fryer
  • Assistant to remove cold items from cooler (may be player over 14)
  • Assistant to give customer items purchased (may be player over 14).
  • Assistant to concession cart driver (may be player).

Field Maintenance
:  Help keep the complex clean and prepare the fields for games - raking, lining etc.  

:  Assist in ideas and work on league building and development goals.  

Guardian Angel
:  Assist our mentally and physically challenged players play baseball Sat mornings

Social, advertising etc

Scorekeeper:  Keep score for the team. Check with the other scorekeeper periodically to verify scores and pitch count.  

Special Events:  Assist in planning and working on event(s), Opening Day, Tournaments, etc,

  • Banner Sponsor:  5 yr contract for a 3 x 6 vinyl banner , contact Gene at [email protected]
  • Team Sponsor:   Receives name on team photo, website listing and listing at complex.   

Team Parent
: Work with the team parents in getting information to them for the manager; make sure there is enough to staff the concession stand for the assigned time.

Fund Raising:
Training & Development: