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Greece Little League, Inc.

Our Staff

2019-2020 Elected Volunteer Board of Directors*
 PresidentPaul Richardson*
 VP Baseball
Rich Rappold*
 VP Softball
Rich Cooper*
 SecretaryG Chris Suflita*
 TreasurerDiane Noga*
 T-ball Commissioner
Steve Smola
 Rookies Commissioner
Brad Bates*
 AA Commissioner
Kris Nettnin*
 AA AssistantKrysten Kaanana*
 AAA Commissioner

 AAA Assistant
 Major Commissioner
Patrick DeForest*
 Major Assistant 
 Intermediate,Jr & Senior Commissioner
Rich Rappold*
 Travel Commissioner
Rich Rappold*
 Travel Assistant 
 Challenger Commissioners
James & Brenda Pentycofe, Emmy Smith
 Umpire Scheduler
Kris Nettnin*
 Fall BallRich Rappold*
 ConcessionsDiane Noga*
 Concessions Assistant
Tami Suflita
 Equipment Manager
Adam Geist*
Patrick DeForest*
 Player Agent
Brad Bates*
 Grounds ManagerMike Piperni*
 Grounds Manager Assistant
Rich Cooper*
 Safety Officer
Gene Noga*
 Social Media
Kris Ziegler*
 Other Board members:
Concessions: Chris Suflita, Dave Popielarz, Diane Noga, Krysten Kaanana, Gene Noga, Adam Geist, Tony DiGiacco, Tami Suflita, Paul Richardson
Finance: Diane Noga, Gene Noga, Paul Richardson, Tony DiGiacco, Dave Popielarz
Improvements: Mike Piperni, Chris Suflita, Gene Noga, Adam Geist, Diane Noga, Rich Cooper, Keoni Kaanana, Paul Richardson
Fund Raising: Mike Piperni, Gene Noga, Chris Suflita, Paul Richardson, Jon Nettnin, Dave Popielarz, Patrick DeForest
Marketing: Kris Ziegler, Krysten Kaanana
Safety/Security: Gene Noga, Tami Sufita, Jon Nettnin, Kris Nettnin, Keoni Kaanana
Schedule: Rich Rappold, Diane Noga, Chris Suflita, Brad Bates, Adam Geist, Kris Nettnin,Jon Nettnin,Patrick DeForest
Tournament: Paul Richardson, Dave Popielarz, Matt Gleichauf,  Chris Suflita, Adam Geist,  Rich Cooper, Brad Bates
Training & Development: Mike Piperni, Dave Popielarz, Matt Gleichauf, Patrick DeForest,Brad Bates
Travel: Matt Gleichauf, Brad Bates, Mike Piperni, Dave Popielarz, Rich Rappold, Patrick DeForest
Vendor: Paul Richardson, Kris Nettnin, Adam Geist, Brad Bates, Steve Smola

Become a general member - be part of the team - cost is $1 for voting officials onto the Board. The Board then elects positions. 

I will teach all children to play fair and do their best
I will positively support all managers, coaches and players
I will respect the decisions of the umpires.
I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.     

THANK YOU to all past & present Directors and Officers who volunteer(ed) their time and energy for this program.